Dementia Care Near Ewell

Each year, about 7.7 million people fall prey to dementia, according to statistics from Alzheimer’s Disease International and the World Health Organization. This equates to a new case of dementia around every four seconds. St. Judes Nursing Home provides dementia home care and elderly support home care in Sutton, Surrey.

Dementia is defined by symptoms, rather than a specific disease. The most common symptom is memory loss and an inability to remember basic information. This may result in the person becoming emotionally disturbed and experience a range of behavioural problems and personality changes, such as agitation and hallucinations.

People with advanced dementia require supervision 24 hours a day to keep them from harming themselves. Many families seek nursing care homes in Ewell with dementia care to ensure they have access to the care, treatment, and supervision they need. We provide compassion, care, and support in an environment that is specifically designed to ensure safety.

Assistance in daily activities, including bathing, dressing, and eating. Dementia care is provided with the utmost care and sympathy for the resident. When a patient suffering from dementia is experiencing behavioural changes, we focus on acute management of the condition to help the patient learn to deal with the problem with greater ease.

The care home has been recently refurbished and the bedrooms are designed to provide a home like environment for our residents. The rooms are nicely decorated and furnished. Residents can make choices for colour and décor to make the space their own. The home has facilities, such as beautiful gardens, an activity and hobby lounge, residents’ lounges, and even a library and hair salon.

Our care home is known for providing quality dementia home care. Various strategies are used to help our residents manage their condition and behavioural issues that may arise from dementia. We organize a variety of activities for our residents, such as outdoor trips to Richmond Park, local garden centres, and organized seaside trips to Brighton. Our staff also focuses on helping residents develop a hobby, helping with a craft, one to one games, and show old memorable movies in the cinema room.

The dementia care program is designed to promote independence and memory, while assisting residents with their unique needs and challenges. The Daily Sparkle newsletter provides information about this day over the years to help patients remember facts from the past. Our Simply Unite IT system provides access to the latest computer technologies and Skype.

Many of our residents come to us seeking dementia care in Ewell and throughout the South West London region. We are close to public transport and major roads, making the home easily accessible to communities surrounding Sutton, Surrey. Our residents’ care is funded through a variety of sources, including by the Sutton Council, Primary Care Trusts, local authorities, and self-funded.

We understand that you want the highest standard of quality care for your family member and that is what you can expect from St. Judes Nursing Home. Our website contains additional information about our care home, facilities, and the services we provide for our residents and their families.

An interactive 360° shot of one of our bedrooms

An interactive 360° shot of one of our bedrooms